Treatments Offered

Harmonyum Healing    $108

"Harmonyum is a non-invasive, spiritual treatment that heals and opens the heart by purifying it from all suffering, pain and negative energies. With Harmonyum, the heart is transformed into a rising Sun as it experiences the essence of God and Divine Love. The gates to the internal city of light are thrown open so that the good angels can wash away your impurities and heal you. In turn, you can heal and open the hearts of others."

- Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

thai massage                
60min. $108 | 90min. $135

assisted stretching and massage performed on the floor, the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils are used in Thai massage. The true practice of the art of healing in traditional nuad boran (thai massage) is the compassionate intent of the healer. The Buddhist spiritual practices associated with thai massage cultivate humility, awareness, and concentration in the healer designed to bring one to a deeper level of awareness.  Taste of Thai available in any table massage, so you may sample some of the unique techniques this practice has to offer.


deep tissue/                      60min. $108 | 90min. $135

myofascial release

A therapeutic combination of advanced massage techniques and deep pressure tailored to specific trigger points. This combination is specifically designed to relieve tension and ease chronic pain.  Stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and overlying fascia.

maternity massage           60min. $72 | 90min. $108        
A soothing combination of specialized techniques in which special attention is given to the mother and baby. This massage is designed to target areas of discomfort through all stages of pregnancy. All contraindications for mother and baby are considered before this special massage is performed. (A physician's consent is recommended.)

sports massage
60min. $108 | 90min. $135
Massage is the ideal way for the athlete to restore their body to peak performance. Sports massage is specifically designed to improve performance, as well as, to aid in recovery from injury or exertion. This deep penetrating massage incorporates stretching, compression, and cross fiber friction techniques to stimulate and undo common aches and pains suffered by the athlete.

relaxation massage        60min. $108 | 90min. $135
A traditional Swedish massage which ranges from light to medium pressure. A technique utilized to tame and soothe sore muscles through long, even strokes. The end result will provide you with a wonderfully customized relaxation experience.


chair massage        (customized pricing)               
An invigorating upper body massage received in the seated position with a specially designed chair without disturbing or removing everyday attire. Special attention is paid to the neck, scalp, shoulders, back, lower back, arms and hands.


pamper parties 

Let’s be honest. Most people love to party. And most love to spa. The combination of the two sounds like hedonism defined, doesn’t it? Instead of hosting a get-together where guests are checking their watches, throw one that will have them begging to stay. Our pamper parties are an unforgettable experience that your friends won’t stop talking about. What is a Pamper Party? Purelight Massage brings all the essentials of the spa experience to our clients—from massage tables, towels, oils—everything you would expect at a regular spa. However, we don’t stop there. We bring the little extras such as candles and music to complete the seamless experience.

custom packages

Have something else in mind? We will be happy to customize any of our services to better suit you or your company.


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