Ceremonies and Rituals


Life has many transitions. 

As we pass from one stage to another, it is important to recognize and honor these Rites of Passage. I guide people in creating sacred space, ceremonies and rituals.


Blessingways are one of my favorite ceremonies to lead.  Many cultures have some type of celebration to honor the mother as she prepares to give birth.

Baby showers are rather common in the US and the focus there is on the new baby. A blessingway is meant to honor the mother and her passge into motherhood. 


A Blessingway brings a quality of spiritually to the event on some level.  It can purposely hold elements sacred to the mother's religion

or it can simply be spiritual in the sense that all present are giving their spiritual and emotional support to the mother.


I work with each mother to create a special event unique to her own soul's desires.

We incorporate such elements as Prayers, Poems, and Blessings, Beads, Belly Casting, Belly Painting, Henna, Lighting Candles,

Washing Feet and Brushing Hair, Burning Fears and Making "Help" Lists. 


I have found several online calendars that make signing up to help out super easy for friends and family and relieve the pressures of filling everyone in on dietary and time restrictions postpartum. 


The gift of time and food will bless the mother tremendously, helping her to create sweet and sacred bonds with her newborn in this special time.

As well as, the entire family, which is experiencing the transition and growth of their family.


Memorials, Funerals, Passings of Loved Ones


When the time comes for one to leave this earthly plane and release the body to the dust, there is great comfort and solace found in ceremony and ritual. 

Honoring the life a loved one, be it family, friend or animal companion is an important part of letting go and allowing them to continue on their journey.